Pentatonic Tapping Lesson (Licks & Breakdown)

Guitar Tapping Lesson (Using Pentatonic Minor Scale)

In this guitar tapping lesson, we take a look at some tapping licks and patterns that are made up entirely of notes from the minor pentatonic scale. We start with the familiar first position of the pentatonic scale, then apply a simple concept to transform that basic shape into a set of multi-finger tapping licks of high face-melting potential.

These patterns can be very useful, not only because they give you new sounds to use when playing pentatonic scales, but also because they are great for building up the specific type of chops involved with multi-finger tapping techniques on the guitar.

Get in-depth lessons, licks, TABs, and more in the TUTORIALS section.

Thanks for watching! If you have requests for future topics that you’d like me to cover, let me know in the comments section of the video!

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