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Advanced Dorian Workout: 10 Expressive Licks – $14.99

“Advanced Dorian Workout: 10 Expressive Licks” is designed to help guitarists level up their soloing over minor chords! The Dorian mode is one of the most popular scales used by guitarists when soloing over minor chords, but many players feel stuck within the confines of the conventional scale shapes. This package will give you new tools and ideas to use when playing in a Dorian tonality, with 10 expressive licks that push beyond the ordinary boundaries of 3-note-per-string shapes with plenty of fusion flare!

Suitable for intermediate to advanced players, this package contains:

-10 full speed HD video demonstrations

-10 slower speed HD video demonstrations

-10 note-for-note transcriptions in .PDF format

-10 Guitar Pro files (in .gpx format)

-Diagram of the C Dorian scale mapped across the fretboard

-Audio tracks of all full speed licks

-Audio tracks of all slower speed licks


Dominant 7 Mastery

Dominant 7 Mastery: Soloing Concepts – $34.99

“Dominant 7 Mastery: Soloing Concepts” is an in-depth tutorial package for guitarists, packed with nearly 2 hours of high quality instructional content! Cameron gives you a comprehensive look at his approach to soloing over dominant 7 chords, explaining the theory behind various scale applications over commonly encountered types of dominant chords, and exploring a wide range of approaches to help you create more interesting lines!

Complete with:

-Nearly 2 hours of HD video instructional content!

-Over 200 demonstrated examples!

-82 Pages of note-for-note transcription (with TABs!)

-Fast and slow lick demonstrations!

-Backing tracks to help you practice applying the material in a musical context!

-In-depth theory explanations!

-Bonus materials, including a fretboard map, interval explanations, and more!

-Coupon code for access to related tutorials

-And more!

Topics include: scales such as Mixolydian, Blues Scale, Major and Minor Pentatonics, Lydian Dominant, Phrygian Dominant, Mixolydian b6, Altered Scale, Half-Whole Diminished, Whole Tone Scale, along with advanced topics like superimposing arpeggios, triad pairs, chromaticism, melodic minor applications, and more!

Take your playing to the next level with this jam-packed tutorial package! With over 200 examples and nearly 2 hours of content, you’ll learn how to solo over dominant 7 chords like a pro!



Complete Lesson Bundle – $192 …Now ONLY $115Cameron Allen’s “Complete Lesson Bundle” includes 11 instructional packages, normally priced at over $192… but now you can own the complete set of Cameron’s tutorials and lick packages for just $115! Includes the following packages:

-Dominant 7 Mastery: Soloing Concepts

-Hybrid Picking Masterclass

-Soloing Secrets: Diminished Scale – Volume I

-Fusion Chop Shop – Volume I

-Fusion Chop Shop – Volume II: 20 Ferocious Fusion Licks

-Creative Arpeggios – Volume I

-Insta TAB Package I – Tapping Edition

-Chordal Improvisation Techniques – Volume I

-Chordal Improvisation Techniques – Volume II

-“Jackknife On A Hairpin” HD Video Package

-“Sirocco” HD Video Package

Click here to get the Complete Lesson Bundle now as an instant download!


Cameron Allen Hybrid Picking Masterclass

Hybrid Picking Masterclass: Volume I – $24.99

“Hybrid Picking Masterclass: Volume I” takes an in-depth look at some unique approaches to hybrid picking techniques for guitarists. This jam-packed tutorial contains a whopping 90 licks, patterns, and exercises, with full transcriptions (including tabs) in both .PDF and .GPX formats! Cameron explains the logic behind each of the patterns and exercises, and demonstrates how to connect and combine the shapes along the entire fretboard, for ultimate freedom on the fretboard!

This masterclass focuses on developing fluency across all areas of the fretboard, and emphasizes techniques that are specifically designed to break the mold and kickstart your creativity!

Whether you’re looking to build your chops, deepen your knowledge of the fretboard, or just learn some inspiring new licks, this masterclass is a must-have for guitarists!

 Here’s what you get:

-Full HD video tutorial

-90 licks, sequences, and exercises!

-Complete note-for-note transcription (.pdf)

-Guitar Pro file containing all examples (.gpx)

-In-depth explanations

-Tips and insights for applying the techniques

-Fretboard chart containing scale shapes all over the fretboard

-Backing loop to practice with

-and more…



Soloing Secrets: Diminished Scale – Volume I – $24.99

“Soloing Secrets: Diminished Scale – Volume I” is an HD video tutorial for guitarists, and this one is loaded to the brim with content! Nearly a half-hour of nonstop, densely packed instructional content to help you take your guitar playing to the next level!

With over 60 licks, patterns, and exercises, “Soloing Secrets: Diminished Scale – Volume I” is designed to help you learn how to spice up your soloing by incorporating the half-whole diminished scale into your lines! You’ll learn how to start with small patterns, then expand and combine them to create fluid lines all over the fretboard!

Includes: 62 exercises, patterns, and licks, 16 pages of complete note-for-note transcriptions in both .GPX and .PDF formats, in-depth explanations of the theory behind this approach, full-speed and slowed-down demonstrations, tips, tricks, insights, and much, much more!



Fusion Chop Shop – Vol II: 20 Ferocious Fusion Licks – $18.99

This complete HD lick bundle represents a true “fusion” of many different techniques, including: sweep picking, hybrid picking, legato, multi-finger tapping, fingerpicking, alternate picking, and more! The examples explore a wide range of rhythmic, harmonic, and technical possibilities in a static harmonic context (provided by backing tracks, which are included)! All examples are demonstrated slowly and up to speed! Multi-camera shooting provides an up-close view of both hands simultaneously, and complete transcriptions in both .PDF and .GPX formats show you the details of every note!

This lick bundle includes: 20 full-speed lick videos, 20 slow-speed lick videos, 2 backing tracks, 1 Notes & Info text file, and 20 complete note-for-note transcriptions in both .PDF and .GPX (Guitar Pro) formats!



Creative Arpeggios – Vol. I – $18.99

“Creative Arpeggios – Volume I” is a complete HD video tutorial package for guitarists looking to expand their soloing vocabulary! This jam-packed tutorial features 56 licks, shapes, and patterns all over the fretboard, shot in multi-camera HD, with 16 pages of complete note-for-note PDF transcription with TABs, plus insights and tips to help you apply the information and integrate it into your own playing style! All examples are demonstrated both up to speed and slowly! There’s even an etude with a backing track included for you to practice with! All this and more make “Creative Arpeggios – Volume I” a must have for guitarists!



**BESTSELLER!**  Fusion Chop Shop – Vol. I – $18.99

Take your playing to the next level with “Fusion Chop Shop – Vol. I”! This HD video tutorial package is jam-packed with over 60 licks, sequences, and patterns all over the fretboard! Complete with demos at full speed and slowed down, explanations and insights, and over 16 pages of transcription with TAB!



Insta TAB Package I – Tapping Edition  – $6.99

Cameron Allen’s “Instagram TAB Package 1 – Tapping Edition” features 5 of the most popular blazing two-handed tapping licks from Cameron’s instagram page (@cameronallengtr), complete with original videos and full note-for-note transcriptions in both .GPX and .PDF formats!



chord2 cover

Chordal Improvisation Techniques – Vol. II – $14.99

This second volume of the “Chordal Improvisation Techniques” series takes an in-depth look at how to turn basic chords into complex, rich, colorful chord voicings up and down the fretboard. Building on the ideas presented in the first volume, Volume II provides a detailed method for expanding common chord types into a collection of harmonic building blocks that can be used in a melodic fashion all over the neck. Features demonstrations of over 40 chord voicings, shows how to connect between shapes while navigating through a ii-V-I chord progression, and includes 9 pages of fully transcribed examples in both .pdf and .gpx formats!




Chordal Improvisation Techniques – Vol. I – $14.99

Cameron Allen’s “Chordal Improvisation Techniques – Volume I” is a complete HD video tutorial for guitarists looking to learn the basics of chordal improvisation! Every example is fully trancribed in standard notation and TAB, in both .GPX and .PDF formats. It includes explanations of how to convert melodies into chordal ideas using a static harmonic backdrop, laying the groundwork for chord-melody arrangements, and provides many examples of chord voicings and licks based on the demonstrated chord voicings.

HD Video Packages

The new HD Video Packages have finally arrived! These packages feature songs from my album, Between The Lines, and each package comes complete with:

  • • full HD video performance;
  • • audio rendering of the performance;
  • • backing track;
  • • and complete note-for-note transcription (including tabs)!



“Jackknife on a Hairpin” (697 MB) – $6.99 –

“Sirocco” (744 MB) – $6.99 –

“Snake Eyes” (783 MB) – $6.99 –



NOTE: Due to large file sizes, a dual core or better processor is recommended for optimum playback. Videos are in .mp4 format, audio and backing tracks are in .mp3 format, and transcriptions are in .pdf format. Entire packages come in .zip format.

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