Kickstarter project for new album successful!

I’m absolutely overjoyed to announce that the Kickstarter project for my new album (click here to view) has been successfully funded! HUGE thanks to the backers:

Levi Clay, Huw Roberts, Brian Larkin, Kris Claerhout, Matt Chmielecki, Laurie Monk, Roddey Jordan, Jan Esterlis, Patrick Denat, Francesco Lazzarotto, Matt Stafford, Krystal Souther, Lyn Neilans, Steven Yelich, Alan & Carol Routh, Julie Cord, Tom Quayle, Omar Zein, Steven Wright, Atlanta Institute of Music, Maureen Smith Allen, Bobby McGranahan, Julio Valerga, Susie Curran Kuras, Kim Turner Poston, Ketan Hazari, Teresa Cottingham Streett, Rob Ward, Beth Hollowell Summersett, Phillip Todd, Kevin Singleton, Kathy Sims, Brad Oneill, Carl Culpepper, Steve Rieck, Will & Alice Ginn, Patrick Parrish, Diane Perry, Tim Breedlove, Tomas Bardauskas, Lynne Wortman, Kevin Rigney, Sergio Ramos, Susan Dodson Shewbridge, Roza Akmalova, Alison Chmielecki Watford, Matthew Watford, Jake Perozzi, Ralph Undis, Patricia E Ramsey, Kelly Stephens Allen, Sergio Quesada, Dan Jost, Rahul Mukerji, Anthony East, Derek Pigate, Jack Henry Beasley, Casen Gouveia, Donald Routh, and Gemari Sharper

…and, of course, a huge thanks to all who helped spread the word! Now the project is off the ground, rehearsals have been begun, and the first recording dates are set! More posts to come as things continue to unfold!

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