Cameron Allen Wins International Guitar Competition in Paris!

After being selected as one of ten finalists from all over the world, Cameron competed in the Next BendNote Talent competition for guitarists in Paris, France on Friday Dec. 7, 2012… and won!!!

Cameron is now an official BendNote artist, and will be releasing his first JamLesson for BendNote very soon! The JamLesson will feature his song, “Jackknife on a Hairpin”, which he played at the competition! To find out more about BendNote and how its resources can help you grow as a musician, please check out the website at!

Cameron is also now endorsed with Vigier guitars, truly one of the finest guitar-making companies in the world! To find out more about this fantastic company, check out (or if you’re in the USA!).

Additionally, Cameron is now a Guitar Pro endorsee! To find out more about the Guitar Pro software products, please visit!

Also, look for the interview with Cameron in the December-January issue of Guitare Xtreme magazine!

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